From: Alex “Dumbledore” Seretis

Dear Harry Potter Fan

If you’ve been dreaming of a magical feast in the Great Hall but you thought that it was just that a dream. Think again…

I can show you exactly how I did it in my Harry Potter Party Ideas guide to The Sets.

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When we decided that we would have a Harry Potter party for my son Leon’s 21st birthday I didn’t know where to

start so I googled “Harry Potter Party Ideas”. Yes there’s lots of parties for kids using cheesy store bought or home

made decorations and pin the tail on Wormtail games but we wanted a party for grown ups.

There were some parties where they have made a Platform 9 3/4 entry and put a few props in different rooms of the

house. But that just didn’t seem enough and it wasn’t what we had in mind.

We wanted to feel like we were actually in the Great Hall, to create the illusion of being at Hogwarts. An illusion

so convincing that even smart mouth teens and skeptical adults could forget reality and be transported to night of


So I set out to completely transform my patio into the Great Hall.

And I had to do it in the most economical way as I didn’t have a big budget.

I pondered for hours about the best way to construct the set…..

I spent days playing around with polystyrene foam and trying to make it look like real stone.

I spent hours searching photos of stone windows and castle doors, trying to work out how I could use them in my

set… How could I do it so you looked through the window and saw the black lake.

How was I going to display my props, how could get that other world feeling so well created in the movies with

magical clutter and musty old tomes. I wasn’t a set designer.

It took me months but finally I had my set and I can show you exactly how I did it, how to avoid the mistakes I

made so you save time and money.

I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you though the whole process from beginning to end. I’m going to

share with you all my tips and tricks so you get straight to it and get a great result just like I did.

All that you need is some very basic wood working skills. If you can hit a nail, use a handsaw and utility knife

you too can build your own Hogwarts Great Hall.

I’ll even explain how to adapt the set so that you can put inside or outside and fit it to the size of your party space.

I’ll show you every step with photos and diagrams so you will know exactly what to do as well as the right way to do


No matter where you live, no matter if you use the US Imperial measurements or the metric system I’ve got you

covered so you can follow along and get the same result I did.

If I had to draw my own design for something I’ve given you a template so you don’t have to do any of the design


You don’t have to work out how your going to hold up the set with out damaging a wall. You don’t have to design a

door that actually opens, I’ve done it all for you.

In the Sets Guide you get:

Detailed instructions so that anyone can follow along and build what I built
100‘s Photos and diagrams – it’s just like being in the workshop with me and watching me build my sets
Construction is broken in to projects so that you can build everything I did or just the sections you want
Use recycled materials where possible so you can save money and help the environment
Get my original set templates, sometimes I need to design my own elements but don’t worry I included all my templates for you
Email support, still want more help just email me and I will answer any questions




Well there’s really nothing like my guide for building a Hogwarts set anywhere so I could easily charge $67 even

$47 would not be unreasonable for 150 pages+ guide on building a set.

But don’t worry I want this guide to be available at a price that affordable for anyone.

And right now I’m offering my guide at a special introductory price:

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What are you waiting for I’ve already done all the hard work, now all you need to do is download my guide and

you’ll be well on the way to your own Ultimate Harry Potter Party.

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Alex (Dumbledore) Seretis