Attention All Harry Potter Fans

From: Alex (Dumbledore) Seretis

Have always wanted to have your own iconic relic from Hogwarts?

Just imagine how you’ll feel as you show your friends the Owl Lectern that you created……. Picture it standing

proudly in your place….

Now you can make your own Owl Lectern, whether you want it as the center piece for your soon to be legendary

Harry Potter party or just because you want one……. And what Harry Potter wouldn’t want their own.

Well now you can, I’ve broken down the process and made it easy for anyone to make. But more on that later……

As soon as we decided that we were going to have a Harry Potter theme from my son Leons’ 21st party, I knew that

I would be going to the party as Dumbledore. That wasn’t just because I’m a little bit older and wiser than Harry but

because Dumbledore is one of my all time favorites.

One day while on a break at work, I was sketching out potential ideas for props I wanted to make for the party and I

began to sketch out what I think of as “Dumbledores’ Owl Lectern.” You know the one in the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

It’s really quite an important piece, Dumbledore and others address the students from it on many pivotal occasions.

As I was drawing (my friend and fellow Harry Potter fan) Rowan came over to see what I was planning next. He

took one look at my sketch and exclaimed “Your not going to be able to make that out of foam”.

Well that did it…. I’m really quite a stubborn and contrary person and nothing makes me more determined to do

something than that kind of statement.

Now I had to make it…..

Our Owl lectern

And I can tell you working out how to make this from scratch was a quite a challenge for someone, who is not a

professional artist or a professional prop maker…..
someone who washes dishes for a living!

But if you check out the photo above, I think you’ll agree I turned out well.

It’s the prop I’m most proud of….

It’s the prop that everyone who has come to visit since the party has asked to see…

And whether you’re having a Harry Potter Party or not it’s a great project for any true Harry Potter fan.

Introducing my guide to :

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step by step instructions so that anyone can follow along and build an owl lectern just like mine
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The process is broken down into projects so that the you can work through it at you own pace while knowing that you will get the same result I did.
I’ve designed my owl lectern with recycled materials where possible so you can save money and help the environment
Get my original templates, sometimes I need to design and draw out my own elements but don’t worry I included all my templates for you so all you have to do is print them out and get to work.
Email support so you’re not doing this on your won like I had to, just email me and I will answer any and all your questions

I had to work every step out for myself and there was a lot of trial and error and ton of problems to solve. I

didn’t want it to just look good….. I wanted to use it at the party so it had to be almost real.

Now you can get the benefits of all my experience, all the hours put in to working it out on my own and refining it to

a simple step by step process so you can get the same result I did.

As you’ll see I’ve done all the hard work for you and now you get to have all the fun…… and satisfaction of

making your own Owl Lectern.

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Alex Seretis

P.S. Remember this guide has everything you need to know to make my Owl lectern, plus you can email for help anytime