From:Alex “Dumbledore” Seretis

Dear Harry Potter Fan

How can you have a Harry Potter Party without a Book of Monsters or a Nimbus 2000. It just wouldn’t be right.

Introducing the Harry Potter Party Ideas Guide

Price- $6.97

So you loved the books and seen all the movies and now you have decided that you want to have a Harry Potter Party.

But where do you start, if your like me you want something more than the kiddy party decorations you find at

party suppliers.

After all your party’s not for 6 year olds, you want a party you can be proud to invite your friends too. Something

that’s amazing, surprising and really cool.

Well imagine to looks on your guests faces when they see a life size Nimbus 2000 or they get to hold your Book of

Monster that looks amazing like the one in the movies. And then they find out that you made all the incredible Harry

Potter props for you party.

Just like our guests they will be asking “How did you do that?” and exclaiming “It looks so real”

Having a great setting is one thing but it’s the props that bring a set to life. Just imagine the library at Hogwarts

without all the ancient magical books…. Or the potions room without bottles and magical ingredients…..

It’s the props that really set the mood, that spark you imagination and help you believe that you have been

magically transported to a night of fantasy.

We had to spend hours researching Harry Potter Props and even more time experimenting with how to get just the

right look. Some times it was try, try and try again to get the right look and feel for a Prop. It can be so frustrating

having to work it all out on your own.

That’s why we wrote the Harry Potter Party Ideas Props Guide

We want to help you to make your own Harry Potter Party props quickly, easily and as inexpensively as possible.

With our step by step guide you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of successfully recreating many of the props you’ve seen in

the movies just as we did.

In The Props guide you get:

Step by step instruction for 15 classic Harry Potter Props – all the really memorable props plus props to set the scene and transform your party.
Detailed instruction with hundreds and hundreds of photos – it’s just like being in my workshop and watching over my shoulder as I make each one
Using recycled materials as much as possible so you can stretch your party budget while helping the environment
All my own original templates and printouts plus links to the best free resources online. We searched high and low to find the best free resources available.And when they were none to be had for love or money, we made our own and there all included for you
Email support, need to ask a question just send me am email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

You might be wondering “What is this going to cost?”. Well there are no other guides like ours. Sure you can find the

odd picture or two of stuff other people have made but no one has so many props or such detailed instructions. So I

could easily charge $67 or even $47 would not be unreasonable for everything we have included for you.There’s no

need to worry I’m not going to charge anything like that I want it to accessible to anyone having a Harry Potter

party. Plus right now while I’m still working on my other guides, I’m offering The Props at special introductory


Price- $6.97

To help you out even more we are offing great package deals, check them out below.

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Remember too that I’m also offering my 100%satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can download The Props Guide straight to your computer right now, no matter what time it is or where you live.

You could be scroll through the instructions and deciding what your going to make first in less than 5 minutes time.

What are you waiting for, I’ve done all the hard parts for you now you get to have all the fun. You get to hold your

own Ultimate Harry Potter Party




Alex “Dumbledore” Seretis

P.S. I can’t wait to see which of my props you decide to make first, send me a photo through our Ask Dumbledore

page and I’ll post it here on my blog so everyone can see how great it turned out.