Ok, I had needed a break from building stone walls, these can be quite boring and monotonous after a while. I needed to be creative and inspired so I decided to work on a list of props that would be needed to finish of all the sets and get the look and the feel of really being at Hogwarts.



2 Big Books (Hogwarts a History & The Book of Potions)
Book of Monsters
Foam Books for Library

Leon’s 21st Book
Quill Pen

Hour Glass
Potion Bottles
Light Box for Potions

Nimbus 2000
Picture Frames

Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat Voice

Wand Boxes
LuciusĀ  Wand

9 3/4 Sign
Brick Wall

Leon’s 21st Sign

Now that I have written down all the props, I have realized that we have a hell of a lot of work ahead of us. I tried to break down each prop into manageable pieces so I could work out how long each prop was going to take and if I had enough time to finish all of them or if I had to thin out my list. The biggest problem I had was that I had never done any of this before so it was all new to me, every step had to be thought out in advance and it was starting to do my head in, did I really want to do this. Hell Yeah.

Ok let the props begin.