The Hour Glass

We wanted to make a large hour glass. One, we thought it would make a cool prop and two we could also use it as a timer for each round in the house games.

We came up with the idea of using a couple of empty plastic soft drink bottles we had laying around. We cut them in half and cut off the plastic thread were the cap screws on top of each bottle while leaving the small lip. When we cut the tops we need to make sure that they are straight as we will be glueing the two together at a latter stage.

Then use some of the off cut from the plastic bottle to cut out a circle the exact size of the top. Make a small hole and  fill one half with sand. Whether you buy some sand or pick some up from the beach it will be damp. The sand in hour glass needs to flow smoothly so we put our sand on a disposable oven tray and dried it thoroughly in the oven

We wanted our trimmer to go for 5mins so it took a little trial and error to get the hole and the amount of sand just right. Once we had the sand and hole size figured out, we placed the base of the bottle on a piece of foam and drew around it.

We the made a shallow circular cut and forced the bottle half way into the foam. This sealed it nicely and we did the same to the other end. We then drew a bigger circle this was to take the three aluminum rods that we cut to length.

We then marked were we wanted to position the rods and pushed them right through the foam on either end. Now we had given it the strength that we wanted, all that was left was to cut another circle larger than the base and glue them together with PVA glue.

Once had glued our hour glass, we put a bit of weight on the top to get a good strong join. Once the glue was fully dried we sealed the foam with watered down glue and sprayed it with bronze and gold. To get the aged effect we finished it if with a slight spray of black.