If there’s one prop you must have at a harry potter party, then it has to be the Nimbus 2000.

I bet everyone has seen themselves riding on one, darting around the sky, narrowly avoiding the opposition as they try to knock you of your broom. All the while you stay focused trying to catch that little mongrel of a flying ball called the snitch.

You reach out to grab it, it’s in your reach you open your hand lean forward and grab it.
All of a sudden you realize you have won the game for your house. How cool would that be.

Since I can’t see that happening in the next 6 months, I wanted everyone at the party to have that same experience by seeing a life size Nimbus 2000 and letting there imagination run wild.

Anyway enough dreaming for the time being. Lets make it happen.

I wanted it to be full size and look like you could ride it. I drew it out roughly on some paper first and then went in my garage and found a scrap piece of 5/8” (16 mm) mdf which was the perfect length.

I like to draw things freehand as I think you get better curves when you do it with one fluid motion. Then when your happy with it you can go over it and fine tune it. After drawing the broom handle I used my jigsaw and cut it out.

I stained the handle a brown color and brushed on some clear gloss varnish to seal it. When it was fully dried I sanded it back with 250 grit sand paper and gave it another coat.

For the writing on the head piece, I traced the out line of the top of the handle so I knew how big to draw the letters.  I couldn’t find any font I liked online so I had to draw it freehand, I then traced it onto bake paper.

Once the handle had dried properly, I transferred the design on the head piece.

Next was the fun part, painting it with gold artist paint and going over the edges with a black pen to make the letters stand out.

I let that dry for an hour and applied another coat of varnish  to seal it all.

Ok, that’s the handle done, now on to the broom….

(click here for Pt 2)

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