I wanted my Nimbus to actually look like a broom, with all the bristles nicely in place and tapered back.

Its amazing what you find when you look around your house. I had noticed that our Fox Tail Palm had dropped a few of its fronds, these were dead and dried up. I grabbed a few and took them to the garage and started to cut them to the length that I was happy with.

Next stage was to bunch all the cut pieces around the handle and tie them of tightly. At this stage I didn’t worry to much about the over all look as I was only glueing one section at a time.

Once we had the front tied off, I brushed some PVA glue onto the fronds.

When the first section had dried I moved onto the next section and did the same. Now at this point we needed to start trimming and shaping it down to get that sleek look. Then we just keep on doing the same until we reached the end. Last thing left to do was to trim the fronds to the desired length.

This next bit is quite tricky and challenging. The foot rest. Hmmmmmmm.

In all honesty how could you ride a broom and not have a foot rest.

I needed something that would bend easily and had some strength. So a trip to our local aluminum store was in order. I ended buying some 1/2 “ (12 mm) flat bar which cost me about A$6.00.

I cut off  a good piece so I had plenty to play with. I needed to bend it to get that nice arc which is part of the foot rest. As I always do, I looked around my garage to find something round to use as a template to bend it over.

I used a hand reel which was quite strong, once I had got the basic shape. I then used a pair of pliers to bend the end at a 90 deg angle to use as a foot rest (if you were to fly it of coarse) then I just did the same on the other side. That was the front part of the foot rest done.

Now the tricky part. This next bit had to attach to the base of the broom and be quite strong.

Some times I have to ask myself. Why the hell are you going to this much effort and detail who will even notice it. My response is the same every time. I WILL NOTICE IT.

You need to have pride in what you do and do it to the best of your abilities, you will be amazed at how your abilities get better and better. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it, you just have to find another way around it. No one will ever hold your standards higher than you do. Sorry to get of track here, but I need to think about this stage.

Back soon, I need a coffee.