Alright I’m back. here goes.

Nah, “let’s check facebook”.

“Stop procrastinating and just finish it.”

This next step is done in two stages.

I cut another piece of aluminum slightly longer than the first piece, marked the centre, bent it in half and hammered it nice and flat. I also marked from the top where I had to bend it to form the arc and another mark also where I would have to bend it on a 90 deg angle for the foot rest.

I then clamped the piece to the mark I had placed and bent it by hand and finished it of with a hammer to get a good 90 deg angle. I just used a heavy metal weight and did both sides at once. I then bent it around a hand reel and a spray can to get the correct arc that I wanted and finished of with bending the foot rest to 90 deg.

So now I have two half circles one slightly smaller than the other with the foot rests at 90 deg. I clamped both foot rest together, then I bent the smaller one forward to get the angle I was happy with, then I did the exact same thing for the next one.
I had some aluminum that was the same width as both feet next to each other, so after trimming and shaping the foot rest to the correct length, I cut the slightly wider piece the same shape sanded it glued it with Araldite and put some rivets to firmly hold it in place.

Now comes the tricky, tricky part. I could say, figure it out your selves, but that wouldn’t be right, would it.

I wanted the foot rest to be able to move from racing position to just a stand. I cut 3 pieces of aluminum to make a bracket with a space in the middle of it. I riveted them together for strength and cut the top flush. I had to bend them out a bit as the foot rest had to sit nicely inside this. I drilled a hole through the support and the rest and placed a bolt through them both. I used a nylock nut on the end as these do no work there way loose as you move the stand back and forth.

Next step was to notch out a hole in the handle were the bracket we just made could sit in and not move. I just used a small chisel and worked away until I was happy with the depth.

Ok now the tricky tricky tricky part. Oh, Have I told you I’m over this?

The last thingy thing that I had to make was a small bracket out of a piece of aluminum which slotted in under the front piece which acted like a collar and gave it a finished look.

We cut it into shape with two smaller bits on either end so we could clamp it down nice and tight so nothing would move. The next step wast to attach the hose clamp and we are almost finished.

Once everything was all bolted together, I masked up the broom and the handle and gave the stand/footrest 3 coats of gold paint.

It’s over it’s done, you better appreciate all the work I’ve put into this. lol.