Light Box

Wouldn’t it be great if the potions that we made would glow? That is the question I asked Leon and Frances.

Frances said now your really getting carried away, anyway time is running out and instead of completing the list of props for the party you are adding to it.

Leon just said “Cool.”

I had an Idea that I knew wouldn’t take me long to make, I had all the materials already and it would really add to the magical look of the evening.

What if I made a light box and placed the potion bottles on the top, that way the light would shine through them and make them glow, we could add some food coloring to the water as well… By now my mind was into overdrive with all the different possibilities for the potions.

I had already made up my mind and was making it anyway. As the loving husband that I am, I just wanted to smooth the way a bit.

The story so far.

We had been collecting interesting bottles for some time as we wanted to turn them into potion bottles with embellishments and labels to make them interesting. The only problem was that the party was going to be held at night and where they were going to be displayed was going to be dark and you wouldn’t see them properly.

I decided to make a light box the length of a standard 4ft fluorescent tube, that would be wide enough to fit two rows of bottles on it. This really was quite simple to make, I just measured the length of you light that I was using use and allowed 4” (100 mm) either side. Then I cut my timber to length and screwed them together.

The next step was to measure the bottom of the box and cut and fix the piece of timber.
I needed to put in some centre supports as the bottle filled with liquid can be very heavy.

I cut a small slot on one end so I could feed the cable through and keep everything neat. I had some perspex that a friend had given to me, I just cut it to size with my jigsaw, (you need to use a blade that will cut plastic and not tear it).  Fitting the perspex was a matter of pre drilling some holes and counter sinking them so the screws sit flush. It’s that easy.

Because I only wanted to shine the light through the bottom of each bottle and not around it. I cut a piece of 1/8” (3 mm) mdf to fit the exact width of the perspex. After arranging the bottles in the order we wanted them to go, I traced around each bottle and then cut out a smaller hole with my jigsaw.

The idea is that you just want enough light to shine through and not over power everything, the set needs to be moody and dark as in the potions room.

To keep with the theme of a stone castle I cut some foam and glued it to the sides. To make it look like textured stone I heated it with my heat gun as it melts it slightly giving it that stone look. Last thing was to paint it with a watered down sandy colored paint.

The final effect was really good, the potions on the light box had an almost magical glow. Not only could our guests could see all the work we had put into decorating our potions but I’m sure you’ll agree the light box really helped us get some great photos tat captured the feeling of the night.

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