Creating Stone from Foam!

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The next day when I was at work there were some foam boxes that were being thrown out, I asked if I could take them home as I wanted to experiment with it to see if i could use this light weight material to make the fake stone for the walls.

I simply drew with a black marker the shapes of different  random stones and cut them out with a sharp blade. As I wanted a uneven rough stone look, I tried using my heat gun to slightly melt the foam and give it a tougher and more textured appearance.

After cutting and shaping the foam I glued it to a scrap piece of mdf with hot glue as this hardens quickly, the trick is to put the hot glue on the mdf and let it cool slightly, then press the foam on to it and hold it for a few seconds until it sets. Never put hot glue directly on foam as it will melt it instantly.

After glueing the foam in place I sprayed them with some  leftover enamel paint I had in the garage, they really looked like rocks. So I took some photos and showed some of my friends at work, they were really impressed at how realistic it looked, so I knew I had found how to do it.

First attempt at creating a stone look

Now foam and the solvent from enamel spray paint do not like each other at all so you need to either seal the foam with watered down PVA glue or use water based paint. I chose to use water based paints as it was cheaper and easier to get the look I wanted.

So my mission started; collect as much foam as possible. I was fortunate that where I worked they would get a lot of cold food packaged in foam boxes, so we had heaps that we had to throw away each day. I would collect them cut them to pieces and take them home each night. After a month I had so much foam in garage I was running out of room and I hadn’t started anything yet, I was just collecting.

These boxes are easy to get, they are used every day transport fresh fruit and vegetables. You should be able to get them from your green grocer. You will be doing them a favor as they have to get rid of the boxes anyway.

Now to finalize the first of my materials lists…..

The start of my foam collection

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