Painting The Walls

Now that I had finished glueing all the foam on the walls, it was time to paint them and make them look like stone.

The very first rocks that I had made from foam were painted with spray enamel and then brushed with black in areas to create some cracks and give it some character. That was fine for five fake rocks but I was making walls that when you put it all together was over 15 meters (49 feet) long.

The original way was going to take me way to long to do and drive me insane. Some people say I’m insane for doing this and for going to the extent that I did just for a party. Maybe they were right. Anyway I had to come up with something that I could easily do in a day not a month.

This is what I came up with:

The look that I wanted was of a sandstone in the warm color range, yellows, browns etc. If you wanted the granite look, you could use grey, blue and black. However what I wanted was the warm glow of the candles reflecting on the walls. Giving that cosy feel as if it was winter outside.

Now we live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and in December it’s dam hot so maybe I should of gone for the cold granite look, that could possibly have cooled us down a little, as we were all in costume on the night.

If you recall in some of my earlier posts about the walls, I had used some grey spray paint just on the edges of the foam, I also let some of the grey spill over to the face of the pieces I was working on. This gives it an uneven dusty look and adds depth to your color later.

You need to do this before you glue them on to the MDF, this is important as it will give your stone wall that old weathered look that would of developed over time. We are trying to make everything look like it’s been sitting around for hundreds of years. This is were we set the scene so to speak

TIP 1:  Use a water base paint not ENAMEL as it is a lot easier to work with.

TIP 2:  A small sample pot from your hardware store will do all your walls.

I had some old paint in my garage a brown and a sandstone color which I thought would do, so I tried a few different techniques and found what looked the best to me. What I realized is that to get the weathered stone look, you need to thin down the paint heaps so It almost runs as you paint it.

I started by applying a coat of brown which I had thinned down a lot with water first.  I only applied it in patches, then before this dries I quickly went over the whole piece of foam with  the light sandstone color over the top of it. Makes sure you put heaps on.

As both colors dry they blend and add a lot of character to the stone. It’s that easy, you don’t need to think of how your going to add texture and highlights it almost does it for you in a natural way .

I wish I could tell you that you need to go and do a arts course and study color theory and buy expensive paint and brushes. But you don’t! It’s that easy give it a try you will be amazed at how effective it looks.

Walls Painted

Props Bench Painted

 Finally all the stone work was finished, now I could start on the exciting, creative and challenging things.

The Props…..

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