Fire Pilars / Cup Stand


As all the wall sets had been finished and the props were coming along nicely we started to think about how the night was going to run.

We had come up with all these different ideas of what we thought would be good on the night. Leon commented that since we have four houses and they were all going to compete against each other, we needed to have a cup for the wining house.

We thought about it for a while and decided that the house cup needed to be on a stand of some kind so that each house could admire what they were fighting for.

I started of by drawing a concept drawing as I ways do and came up with something that I thought would work. I showed it to Leon and he was happy with it, so we started collecting the materials to make it.

We wanted the base to look like it was chiseled out of a single piece of rock that was transformed into a stone block with four stone pillars and another solid block of stone for the top.

I thought of using a polystyrene box and turning it upside down but I wanted it to be a solid base and as I had heaps of foam (collected from work) I decided to glue pieces of foam together to get a thick solid piece.

Also the polystyrene boxes that I collected, had curved edges and I wanted a square look. I cut enough pieces of foam so I could make two separate blocks, one for the top and one for the bottom and glued them together.

Once everything was dry I cut some foam lids to shape and glued them around all sides of the pieces of foam, this tidied the blocks nicely. I wanted the stone base to sit on something slightly larger again, as I wanted to add a simple profile around the base (to hide all the joins). Before I could add my profile around the base, I used my heat gun to add a stone texture effect.

To add the profile around the base I used a foam lid and cut the grooved edge from the lid into long strips (this is the part where it would sit on the base). I added some texture with my heat gun and then cut the ends on a 45deg mitre. I then glued them around the base.

If I had cut the miters and glued them to the base before adding the texture, as soon as I put my heat gun onto the foam, the heat would have shrunk the foam and the joins would of looked awful. This definitely wasn’t the look I wanted.

For the pillars I found some large cardboard rolls that they were throwing away at work. These were nice solid cardboard and were the exact height that I needed.

Now that my base was finished I needed to attach my pillars.

I used another lid and cut off the underneath grooves so I was left with a plain square piece of foam. I then placed my pillars evenly on the foam and drew around them, then added texture to the foam with my heat gun and cut the out holes with a sharp blade.

I did the same again for the top so that my pillars were held straight. Next was to glue the pillars into the foam with some PVA.  Once this was done I just clamped the pillars to the base and let this dry overnight.

The last thing left to do was to add the top piece of foam.

Again I took another foam lid and cut off the grooves so I was left with the same size piece as the top of the pillars, I textured this with my heat gun and glued it to the top.

Lastly I added another a thick piece of foam which I cut slightly smaller that the top so that it stood out and looked balanced.

When it was all dry I painted it using the same colors that I painted the walls.

Thats one more prop to cross of the list. The challenge I have now is were to store everything before the party.

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