And the work begins…

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Having finished framing up the 2 sections of one side of the castle and setting them up in place, I was itching to begin the stone work. However before I could start on the stone walls, I had to glue and shape the foam around the windows, no different to building a real wall.

The foam I wanted for the windows had to be slightly thicker than wall to make them stand out. I was lucky as some of the foam boxes were quite a bit thicker the other ones, so I used these to make what would become the stone window frames.

Cutting the curves for the arches proved to be a lot trickier than I first thought, getting all the curves correct and fitting them together is not easy. Finally after a several days as I only had few hours in the morning before work, one of the windows was finished.

Window Arches

Now I could start the foam stone work.

I drew some horizontal lines as a guide only to keep things straight, I had my hot glue gun, my pva glue, black marker pen, black spray paint, grey spray paint and a sharp blade, thats all you need to do this, it is so simple and extremely effective.

There is no rules in laying a stone wall, just stagger your joints, fit all the big rocks first and then fill in the rest with smaller pieces. This took a lot of time as it takes a whole day to complete one wall.

Measuring up

Finished Wall

The next part of the project was to start work on the walls that would be at a 90 degrees to the first walls and go in front of my sliding door. What I wanted was a large wall 6 meter (19.7 foot) wall with a huge door in the middle.

The door had to open inwards, that way I had the extra depth to capture the whole scene when we were taking photos and filming. Also we wanted to bring the food out through there too. I divided that side of the set into 3 sections so I can move it easily and store it as well.

Over that week I wanted to finish the two end sections, these were quite easy as there was only foam stones to cut out and glue. As soon as these were completed, I could then get my measurements for my door.

There are a few things that I was really looking forward to making and this door was one of them. What I originally wanted was 2 huge doors but because I didn’t have the height, it looked out of balance. So I settled for one big door with framed raised panels on it.

It’s important that when your building anything,  you, take the time to stand back and have a good look to make sure that it’s all balanced, has the right proportions and looks like the real thing.

The fun begins….

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