Finishing the set

Now that I had accepted that I needed to turn my barbecue area into a stone bench with a stone wall behind, it was time to measure again and again and again.


I had some foam poster board which was the perfect size for all the small sections I had to work around. The foam poster boards were 4ft x 3ft this was perfect as I needed three sections that size to cover the front of the barbecue bench, I simply covered the joins with the thicker foam I had and made the joins look like, four stone columns.

It was looking good however not quite right. As I was moving it around to position it properly, it started to bend in the middle which gave a different look to what I  had originally  planned.

Standing back and having a good look at it, I knew this is how it was going to stay. So I made some small fill-in pieces for either side. This way it would keep the same shape once we pushed it hard against the bench, as long as the middle and the two sides were touching the barbecue bench it would hold it’s shape.

Now that the front of the stone bench was finished I started working on the back wall, I simply divided it into three sections like the front of the bench and made two smaller columns to cover the joins.

This now was turning into a movie set as all three side were sets.

The other thing left to do was to make the top of the bench, I used the rest of the poster board I had in my garage and cut it to the shape of the curved bench allowing for a 100mm (4 inch) overhang.  This added depth and really added to the look.

Next step was to give the bench a nice thick solid looking stone top. The easiest way to do this is to just place a thick foam edge around the top of the bench. I cut some foam strips about 50mm wide and simply started working from one side. I cut, glued, mitered, bent and shaped my way around until I had it all finished.

Standing back and having a good look at it, my world was in harmony. It was all balanced, there was Ti and Chi was right next to it  – Lol.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that I was a happy little Muggle.

The back wall was a little stark and empty, we needed to fill it in with props so I made four shelves. Three out of 3mm mdf and foam to give them a solid look and one with 19mm board with a piece of foam for the front edge so they all looked the same.

The reason one shelf was made from wood and not foam was that there were going to be potion bottles and jars sitting on this shelf. They had quite a bit of weight so this had to be able to hold the weight and needed to be fixed firmly to the wooden frames behind my barbecue.

All that was left to do was to paint this walls which really changed the look completely…..

See what  a difference some paint can make here

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